Data ingestion rules

This document explains how the format we receive data in. It also details how certain flags, or rules, are applied to the data when ingested.

Available flags

There are two flags available. These flags are applied to data when ingested.

  • Private data: Data is private and is only accessible to UNICEF and uploading organization
  • Anonymity: Uploading organization chooses to remain anonymous

These flags are not inside of the data sets. The flags must be applied when the data is ingested.

See also

See Ingesting data into MagicBox for more information about data ingestion.

School data file names

School mapping data is provided in a unique file name format. Some information must be gathered from the file name. See this example:


There are five parts to the file name.

  1. BR: Country code (BR is Brazil)
  2. ProCo: Partner (ProCo is Project Connect)
  3. 0: Sets privacy of data (0 is public, 1 is private)
  4. MCTIC: Provider (MCTIC is Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia, Inovação e Comunicação)
  5. 0: Sets privacy of uploader (0 is public, 1 is anonymous)


Code is not yet written to enforce rules. We still need to implement permissions based on user information forwarded from Auth0.