Data validation

Data validation ensures correct and consistent data is processed and aggregated for use in MagicBox. The validated data is used by implementations of the MagicBox API, such as magicbox-maps.

This article explains how we verify values, identify duplicates, and merge multiple records into one.

How we do it*WEBHVGUmqRVleyMNNCLp3A.gif

How magicbox-latlong-admin-server validates coordinate pairs

Data validation is performed by magicbox-latlong-admin-server. The server verifies a pair of latitude / longtitude coordinates are located within the country indicated by the beginning of a file name.

The data validation program processes every ten minutes as a cron job. It runs a programatic version of this query:

// Do a select on all schools that have not been geo validated
"SELECT id, lat, lon, country_code FROM schools WHERE date_geo_validated IS null AND lat IS NOT null AND lon IS NOT null"*5cHXnEW4C3qKKAIh0aIbhw.png

Adding new attributes

After the data is validated, the magicbox-latlong-admin-server updates attributes for some data. The attributes are only added if the engine returns an admin area ID for the target country (see Administrative boundaries).

  1. date_geo_validated: To CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
  2. coords_within_country: true or false

Why we do it

Some CSV files we import and aggregate contain tens of thousands of records. Data validation is an expensive operation. We chose not to verify each school’s coordinates in the before_batch_import hook for this reason.

Instead, we opted for the data validation program to run as a cron job every ten minutes to accomplish this.